Status and results of work

This web site present the status and results of work done on the SolaSure Tender concerning:



South African solar water heating (SWH) industry is facing the challenge to develop the local and the regional markets by increasing the number quality products and services. At the moment the existing market is very fragile and underdeveloped and producing of quality products is absolutely essential for the sustaining of the industry. Quality Management (QM) is to play an important part in the above process and to strengthen the promotion of quality SWH products and related installation, operation & maintenance (OM) codes of practices (CP). The overview and updating of the latter is needed and to be presented for evaluation to the relevant SABS committees. On the other hand, establishment of the function of the ombudsman for the SWH industry becomes essential for the support of independent quality control and customer complains related issues. Thus the South African manufacturers, retailers, installers and maintainers will follow a broadly agreed and accepted infrastructure based on a new code of practice and ombudsman's functions leading to product quality and wider customer support on the local and export markets.
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